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Ideas for Projects

Table Top Resin has many uses
Ideas for Projects are Numerous.

Superez Table Top Resin can be applied over practically any solid material, rough or smooth.
Use it over newspaper clippings, diplomas, certificates, baseball cards, photos, bottle caps, rope, seashells, coins, starfish, sand, pasta, straw, fabrics, artwork, signs, wood carvings, lace, tiles, furniture, clocks, gift items, and much more.

Customers have even sometimes created certain looks by accident and then try to recreate that look!

I have seen tables that look like leopards, cows, marble, granite, zebras, etc.
Create a swirled coating by mixing 2 different colors and then briefly swirling one into the other at just the right time.  Some bars have been landscaped by artists and then covered with the clear Superez coating.

Artists use this product over their artwork to create a glossy finish.
Some artists have told us that they use a scrubbing pad on the glossy finish right after it has cured to get a matte finish. 

You can sponge paint a surface to make it look like granite and then coat it with the Table Top Resin after the paint has completely dried.

If you put a clear coat or 2 over a pigmented coat it will make the coating look DEEP.
This looks especially dramatic when black pigment is used.

Coat plaques with Superez. 

Superez is good for electrical potting.

Styrofoam can be coated with Superez.

Customer use this product to make all kinds of signs.

Use for decoupage, in jewelry making, and label doming, etc.

Our table top resin is high quality 100% solids.

Interesting facts about Superez:

Easy 1:1 mix by volume  (always measure out, do not estimate).

Superez bonds better to more types of surfaces than polyesters, and it is harder, tougher, stronger, and it has less shrinkage.

You do not need to sand between coats of Superez like you would for other types of resins. 
This resin is designed to be layered and it will flow out nicely and even itself out to give you a smooth coat.

Superez can go over strofoam where many resins such as polyesters will melt styrofoam.

Superior mechanical and electrical properties.  High quality 100% solids. No VOC.

It can prevent osmosis, unlike polyesters.

Contains a very good U.V. inhibitor so it performs better than most products in its class.

Will accept pigment easily.  

You can add as many layers as you want, provided the previous layer has cured completely and has not been contaminated by any type of wax or oil and is dust-free.  However, if you use a lot of layers you will eventually lose clarity.

Pot life is 20 minutes, Gel time is 1 hour, dust dry time is 4 hours, partial cures in 12 - 24 hours, maximum cure (gets to its best properties) 3 days.

Superez is praised by many and word of mouth has led this product into some of the finest establishments in our great country as well as other countries.  We are proud to sell this product and we hope it will help you to create to impress.

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